Project Announcement

Think Differently & Act Differently

​Since February the 1st of 2022, our association has had a new Erasmus+ project. We are participating as one of the partners with organisations from Romania, Greece, Spain and Portugal. This project deals with improving environmental skills, skills development and training, raising awareness, and creating a network for environmentally-friendly lifestyles. We will address environmental topics, and climate change and participate in new training activities. Think Differently & Act Differently (NO 2021 -1-RO01-KA220-ADU-000030224) is funded by the European Commission by the Erasmus + Program. The duration of this project is from February the 1st of 2022 until January of 2024.

Our first transnational partner meeting was held in Targu Jiu, Romania in March 2022, where we had the chance to meet our partners, discuss the activities and set our goals for the rest of the project.

Now we are all starting our activities in our local communities.