Aims, goals, objectives, activities

INOVA continues to implement projects of importance for the local community. As part of the “RIGHT application” project, we aim to strengthen civic competences and develop cooperation between educational institutions and civil society organizations in the field of learning and teaching about civil and human rights. In the next 15 months, we will conduct educational trainings, workshops and research on the development and creation of an application for teaching and learning about human and civil rights.

In an age when threats to freedom of speech and the development of human rights and their preservation come from different sides, it is necessary to maintain the rights already acquired and fight for them again. By participating in this project, we also want to contribute to that struggle. Through this project, together with our partners, we will participate in education that will empower active participants in civil society, in new civic competencies that we will then have the opportunity to apply in the continuation of our work.

The project RIGHT application is supported through the Fund for Active Citizenship, with funds from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway within the EEA grants. The project lasts from November 2022 to December 2023. 

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Project partners:

Nansen Dialogue Centre Osijek (Republic of Croatia)

Center for Civic Initiatives Poreč (Republic of Croatia)

DKolektiv – an organization for social development (Republic of Croatia)

Secondary School of Tourism and Catering Anton Stifanic, Poreč (Republic of Croatia)

Industrial and craft school Pula (Republic of Croatia)

Nikola Tesla Technical School Vukovar (Republic of Croatia)

Ruđer Bošković Technical School and Science High School Osijek (Republic of Croatia)

Center for Social Development, Research and Innovation – INOVA

Åretta Junior high school (Kingdom of Norway)

Project budget: EUR 105,405

Duration of the project: October 2022 – November 2023.


Aims, goals, objectives, activities

The Erasmus + project “Think differently and act differently” (TD&AD) aims to sensitize and motivate families to adopt in the household a more friendly behavior towards the environment, moving from the consumerist economy (buy-use-throw) to the circular economy. It requires a collaboration between the members of a family (parents and children) a bridge between these different generations who only together can adopt a more environmentally friendly behavior. 

The project has a transnational approach because the problem of environmental degradation because of the consumerist lifestyle is a global one. The European Union is at the forefront of adopting measures that lead to the reduction of waste, of the carbon footprint to prevent environmental degradation and dramatically changing the climate. 

The project will achieve its aim if the 4 objectives are met: 

1)      Improving environmental skills and training methods for 15 trainers through 2 transnational learning and exchange of best practice activities. 

2)      Skills development and training for a more environment-friendly lifestyle for 50 families through the use of TD&AD during 2 non-formal learning activities. 

3)      Raising awareness and motivating 50 families to adopt a more environmentally friendly attitude through the use of TD&AD. 

4)      Create an Europe-wide TD&AD Network to advocate a shift to more environmentally friendly lifestyles.

Topics addressed by the project: 

Environment and climate change 

Inclusion, promoting equality and non-discrimination 

Development of training courses 

Project is funded by the European Commission by the Erasmus + Program. 


Project number: NO 2021 -1-RO01-KA220-ADU-000030224 


Project partners: 



PRIMER FRAME (Valencia, Spain) 


ANIMAM VIVENTEM (Cascais, Portugal) 




Project budget: EUR 135 368 

Duration of the project: February 2022 – January 2024 


More about this project you can learn on the project website: https://think-differently.eu/ and on the project e-learning platform: https://thinkdifferently-actdifferently.eu/