Our story of origin began back in 2018 when a small group of enthusiasts, professionals with quite some years of experience, came together and shared an idea of a joint project, which was later given the name INOVA. Their goal was to connect resources, experience, know-how and skills into a new organization that would combine efforts and work together focused on their local community.

Our members come from different academic fields, but share the same passion for continuous education and development. This is the main reason why we chose to work on educational projects and ideas which help individuals and organizations in personal and professional progress.

Our primary motivation came from a local community, with natural and cultural resources but needs to shift its attention more to a human one. Therefore, education in every form presented itself as an opportunity for us to show the best of our work, our efforts, and our skills to those who will later inherit the community.

Together with our network of partners, we are also looking further ahead, into a European context and connections which bring us together in a globalized world. Such European context means we want to learn from others and strive for personal development, but we also want to bring others to our beautiful and ancient home, in Vukovar, and share our experiences, our knowledge and our resources with the rest who could benefit and further develop in our company.