Uniting Families for Environmental Change: TD&AD’s Workshop Kickoff

14th of September 2023. in Dalj, Croatia, within the framework of the Think Differently and Act Differently project, our members successfully held our inaugural educational workshop for high school students and their parents. The workshop’s focus was on environmental protection and sustainable development, and the atmosphere was filled with inspiration and enthusiasm.

During the workshop, we delved deep into ways in which families can positively impact the circular economy and contribute to the preservation of our planet through their daily actions. Participants actively engaged in discussions, shared ideas, and exchanged experiences, creating a productive environment for understanding and action.

We also introduced our e-learning platform, which we’ve been diligently working on and continue to enhance. This platform offers a wealth of resources and tools for further learning and engagement in topics related to sustainability and environmental protection. Check it out here: https://thinkdifferently-actdifferently.eu/

It’s important to note that Think Differently & Act Differently (NO 2021 -1-RO01-KA220-ADU-000030224) is funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ program. This funding enables us to continue raising awareness and driving change toward a more sustainable future.