Exploring Sustainability and Climate Initiatives: TD&AD Project Multiplier Event

On December 12, 2023, our organization proudly presented the culmination of collaborative efforts with partners from Romania, Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Spain at the TD&AD Project’s multiplier event. The event, held at the Milutin Milanković Cultural and Scientific Center in Dalj, delved into pivotal topics including environmental conservation, tackling climate change, sustainable development, and circular economy principles.


Discussions during the event centered around the significance of environmental protection and addressing the challenges posed by climate change. Participants had the opportunity to explore the exhibit at Milutin Milanković’s birth house, review the project’s website, engage with the learning platform, study materials, and animated films developed as part of the initiative. The event culminated in an interactive quiz, allowing attendees to test their newfound knowledge.


Visitors can find more details and access project-related materials at:


The TD&AD Project, bearing the identifier NO 2021 -1-RO01-KA220-ADU-000030224, receives funding from the European Commission through the Erasmus Plus program. This collaborative endeavor embodies the ethos of sustainability, fostering eco-friendly practices and innovative solutions.