More than 830 sexist articles in the Croatian media in two months only 

Informal networks for combating sexism in the media and advertising industry, of which our association is a member, was founded exactly two months ago, on March 8. Since then, the Network has detected and collected 830 sexist articles in the Croatian media. It is very important for us to highlight the problematization of this kind of representation in the media, as an association that deals with education and encouraging critical thinking and the liberation of gender roles.
The network was founded during the implementation of the project “Sexism in our everyday life”. The project is implemented by the Center for Civic Initiatives Poreč in partnership with the Croatian Journalists’ Association and the Icelandic organization for women’s human rights, Kvenréttindafélag Íslands. Other members of the network are the following organizations: Karlovac Korak Women’s Group, Sofia Association for Empowerment, Protection and Promotion of Human Rights, Rainbow Family, SOS Rijeka – Center for Nonviolence and Human Rights, Nansen Dialog Center, Center for Women’s Studies, HERA Križevci, Info- youth center ZUM, Center for Support and Development of Civil Society Delfin and Mreža mladih Hrvatske – Croatian Youth Network as a supporting member.
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